Little Wing

Sweet Basil/Triloka 1991

Lew Soloff_trumpet
Ray Anderson
Gil Goldstein
_piano, synthesizers, accordion
Pete Levin
_organ, synthesizers, vocoder
Mark Egan_bass
Kenwood Dennard
Manolo Badrena

1. La Toalla (K. Dennard) 7:57
2. True Confessions (M. Egan) 8:54
3. Alligatory Crocodile (R. Anderson) 5:00
4. Healing Power (C. Bley) 9:12
5. Para Los Paines (D. Alias) 9:02
6. Coral Canyon (C. Carter, R. Meitin) 7:10
7. Tapajack (R. Anderson) 6:25
8. Little Wing (J. Hendrix) 10:45

Total time 64:29

Produced by Steve Swallow and Lew Soloff
Executive Producer: Shigeyuki Kawashima
A&R Director: Hiro Yamashita

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Recording Engineer: Chaz Clifton
Recorded at Grog Kill Studio, Willow, New York, June 17, 18 & 19, 1991

This album is dedicated to memory of Uncle Sol Soloff